The Dress you Need in Your Life

The Dress you Need in Your Life

Zara – Long Linen Dress (£69.99)

This dress was the one of the most expensive things I bought to take away with me on holiday, but I thought I would buy it to wear on the last night of the holiday.

It was just too nice not to buy!

It is a linen dress from Zara and is long all the way down to your feet but not too long that is drags on the floor. Because the dress is so flowy it isnt too heavy and it is lovely for the evening.

I also thought it was the best time to wear at the end of the holiday so I had a bit of a tan with it, haha.

I matched it with some earrings from Primark that were £4 and they were bright orange, I feel like with this dress you need a pop of colour to finish it off.

This was one of my favourite things that I wore on hoiday so if you are going somewhere that you can dress up a little I recommend buying it.

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