Let’s Taco-bout the Best Holiday Ever!

Let’s Taco-bout the Best Holiday Ever!

The title of this post doesn’t really relate to the holiday as there was not one taco in sight, which is quite a shock considering we were in the country that is known for tacos.

This was me and Harry’s first proper holiday away together and we could not have asked for a better destination or hotel to go to. We went to Mexico Cancun and Stayed in the Riu Cancun Hotel.

This is how excited we were to be going away! We had booked it in January so we had been on the countdown for a long time, but it came around really quickly.

The flight took around 10 hours to get there so it certainly is not the quickest of journeys but when you are going away it is so worth it. When we arrived at the hotel it was amazing and so big! We were so excited to get to the room and get ready to go out and have our first taste of the buffet and some drinks.

With the hotel being all inclusive we had to make the most of it, obviously.

After we had, had some dinner and we went to watch the entertainment and have some drinks. The hotels entertainment was your standard really for all inclusive hotels I feel like they are all quite similar.

The next day due to jetlag we were up bright and early, which meant we were able to get a sunbed by the infinity pool, which had a bar in it and seats which was just the best thing ever! I would reccomend the hotel just for this reason, haha.

It was so hot there and it took a while to get used to the heat at first. We were wearing factor 50 suncream and sometimes we would still burn. It was so nice to just stroll around and do what you want when you want to do it.

This Kimono above was from Zara was also a godsend as I wore it everyday, it was so nice when I just needed to wear it down to breakfast and keep the sun off my shoulders.

A couple days into the holiday we thought that we would have a little wonder down to the beach which was only just a walk down the steps from the hotel to a lovely clean beach.

They had cute little straw sun umbrellas which were nice to have just incase the sun got a bit too much. There was no sea weed the first week of the holiday and then on the second week it got quite bad and it was all over the beach.

It was so relaxing to sit on the beach, I mean we didn’t have the easy access of the bar but it wasn’t too much of a walk to get a drink and sometimes the men from the hotel would come around and ask you if you wanted any drinks that they could bring you.

When we needed a bit of a breeze we sat on the end of the deck and had a little sunbathe which was lovely to just watch the world go by.

Also, this was a very instagrammable place, and it was just a perfect hotel all around.

Harry did have to take a lot of photos for me so props to him for being a banging photographer, haha.

Half way through the holiday we had booked to go to Cocobongos for the night it was $140 to get in but you had all your drinks free for that night and a seat on the balcony, so I guess it all added up in the end. Cocobongos was fab because it was a night from 10 o’clock to 3 in the morning, it was like a night out mixed with a really good show.

I wore this little dress from Zara for the night and it was lovely if I remember right it was only about £20 which was a bargain because I think it can get away with looking quite expensive.

Also, this was one of the few nights that I wore makeup on holiday, I didn’t wear it much when I was away, one to give my skin a rest and because the heat just makes you feel like it is all melting off anyway.

On the last night it was really sad to be going home, but we made the most of it and we waited for the steakhouse for a meal, it was so delicious and was quite a lot like Miller and Carter back at home.

This was Harry looking happy because he was finally having a full proper meal haha, not a mix and match from the buffet.

After that we had to fly home, which was sad but we are now planning our next adventure together.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about our holiday thanks for reading,

Here is to next year!

Phoebe Clare x



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