Taking the Perfect Photo

I have been asked a lot recently how I take my photos and how I make them look professional… Trust me! I am not expert but it is all in the edit and getting the lighting spot on.

Also, in order to take a half decent photo you need to have something to take a photo of. I take photos of everything and anything that is around me that I think looks cool. Whether that be a tree or a cup of coffee. If someone brings me a latte with a squiggle on my god there will be 100 photos just of that one coffee…

I would say to get the perfect photo if practice your editing I use an app called ColorStory! It is amazing and for a phone app you can literally do everything you would ever need! I use this to edit all my blog photos and my photos for my Instagram. I have paid for some of my filters though cause sod it, why not?!

This photo was taken on a whim but with the right edit I think it looks really good. The places that you visit make a massive difference for sure.

This is just some of my photography from last weekend! You could call me massively sad, but I am going to call it passionate lol, just because its brings me a lot of joy.

I think even a photo like this one above, it was just taken when we were on our walk to the pub but the colours look amazing.

TIP:- if you want your photos to look crisp then up the clarity when you edit, not too much else it looks weird, but with a little it makes it look more defined and a better quality even if I did take all these photos with my phone.

Another tip, put a cup of tea or coffee in front of a lovely view and you are onto a winner. This photo just explains the weekend it was just so relaxing waking up to that view everyday, but you can check out my other post to read about that (Time to Retreat).

This photo was taken at Bicester Village, not sure why they had the dog houses by the sides, but hey it added to the photo I guess.

I don’t know why but I just really like this photo!

THEN, we get to the flatlays, something I never thought I would master but it wasn’t actually that hard when I tried it.

I will be doing a step by step guide, of how I take my flatlays obviously there is no right or wrong way it is just how I do it, but I am going to save all of them photos for another post.

This is one that I took of my dads records, as he found them out of the loft the other day, I picked on out that had blue on it because I obviously had to match my theme, haha.

It also helps if you have the perfect blue sky, that alway’s makes the photo, I mean no one likes a dreary sky…

If you want to get some really bloggy photos for your blog too then get yourself a boyfriend who has the patience to take 50 photos at a time like mine, haha (not an exaggeration)! It is rare to find but a bloomin god send.

Anyway, that is it for this post I don’t want to be going giving you all the goods, I need to save some of these else I will have nothing to write about lol.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate you taking the time,

Phoebe Clare x


Sharing a little bit of my life in each post, I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts.

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