Genesis: The Vegan Restaurant of Dreams

I have just came back from a amazing weekend trip to London for my best mates, 21st Birthday weekend. So keep your eyes pealed for a blog post on the whole trip and everything we got up to.

We visited Genesis for lunch on our last day, as we knew we wanted to visit somewhere that was Instagram worthy and did some tasty food. Although, me and my friend are not Vegan, we still thought the food was insane! If all vegan restaurants did food this good I potentially would be Vegan.

When we walked in it has only just opened and already had tables full so if you go I reccomend to book to make sure you aren’t disapointed.

It is one of those places that every angle is a good photo. I love finding placees like this, luckily we I found this place when doing my research before our trip and managed to book it in time. Also, the fact that it is all pink is just amazing…!

It was so nice sitting in there you felt welcome as soon as you came in also which was nice.

They have comic are on the wall which I just loved, and they had been made for the restaurant as they are all about Genesis. This one highlighted how they cook with avocado oil, which I didn’t know was a thing before I visited here. When you visit you are assured that everything is 100% Vegan, and that it is all healthy.

It was just such a quirky place, this would be one of my favourite restaurants that I have visited in a while.

I have to say the pink leather seats had to my be my fave part by far haha! Anyway, let’s get to the food which is obviously the most interesting bit.

Becca had a hot dog, which came with onions and mustard on, it just looked incredible. Obviosuly, it wasn’t actually sausage, I am not sure what it was made from but trust me you would not know the difference, it tasted just as yummy.

I chose to go for the Smoked Chorizo Taco, which tasted really smokey and had a little bit of a quick to it aswell. I also had some Cheese Sticks with a garlic mayo however, I did not get a photo of these as they were just too good!

When I popped to the toilet they have a downstairs, where there is more seating and a bit darker, so I think this would be a nice spot to sit in the evening for some cocktails and enjoy a Vegan meal with friends.

It was just amazing, I never knew Vegan food could be so tasty! But I love it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I loved visiting here and it was so worth travelling to Aldgate to get here! Keep your eye out for my next post on our Afternoon Tea Bus Tour around London!

Phoebe Clare x


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