Black Friday = Broke Saturday

So it is safe to say that the struggles of third year are getting on top of me slightly. But hey, just something I am going to have to get on with… it is not long now, I am only there till May so I should probably stop moaning haha!

Last Friday when it was Black Friday, I thought it would be nice for me and Nan to have a little day out to Birmingham and do some Christmas Shopping. Also, including a stop for lunch cause food is the most important thing! I booked a restaurant called Fumo which is just at the top of Selfridges, it is quite pricey but why not?!

Our first stop was in the train station at Cafe Concerto for a Latte on the top floor or Grand Central. It was lovely there just to sit and watch the world go by, and the coffee boost was definitely needed before we hit the shopping.

When we arrived there we saw all the Christmas lights were up! I have to say that seeing the Christmas lights has to be one of my fave things.

We did a bit of walking around before we went to Fumo but it wasn’t long until we got hungry. So we ended up arriving half an hour before out table was booked, oopppss.

I had a cocktail called the ‘Flamingo’ it was amazing and so sweet, but I have alway’s had a sweet tooth. I can’t remember exactly what went into it but all I know is I would highly reccomend it.

Nan enjoyed a nice Gin and Tonic whilst I had the cocktail. We decided on our food and it was the perfect amount. At Fumo they do Spanish Tapas, so most of the dishes are quite small and you may need a few in order to fill you up.

We had a Calzone which had spinach and ricotta inside, which was alright but I wouldn’t have this one again. The others are, Bolognaise, Cod Sticks, Mozzorella balls with pesto, fries and Courgette fries.

This was my first time trying the fried courgette but my Nan said I must try it. REVELATION!!! They are so good! They dont taste like you are eating a courgette because they are fried, they taste amazing. However, I think that is the same with everything isn’t it really, haha!

After we had enjoyed the meal we thought it was time to go and do some shopping, with money I don’t have…! If you are visiting Birmingham for a day of shopping, and you visit the Bull Ring I highly reccomend going to Fumo as you don’t have to spend too much when you go there! It is lovely to sit in there as the waiters cater to your every need!

Let me know how you spent your Black Friday?…

Thanks for reading,

Phoebe Clare x




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  1. November 27, 2018 / 5:28 pm

    This looks like a delicious way to spend Black Friday – anything fried is great – I had what we call “smelt and a belt” – fried smelt served with an “Old-Fashioned” cocktail…that was enough shopping for me!

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