No Dog like a Rescue Dog (RSPCA Edition)

So, I have mentioned this before that I have a little doggo that we bought from the Woodside RSPCA rescue center in Leicester.

I don’t think there is a much better feeling than rehoming a dog from a charity. I think that it is so rewarding, and they have so much love to give. If you haven’t already read my many posts on Bonnie, then you will not know that when we adopted her she was called ‘Gremilin’… I know bless her…

Obviously, she was far too cute to call her that, so we changed it to Bonnie. We thought this suited her a lot better.

To adopt a dog from the RSPCA it costs around the the £150 mark. Which is so much cheaper than what you would normally pay and it is so worth while. Within, this you get your dog Microchipped, Dental Checked, Neutured, and a vet health check. We were lucky in order to find Bonnie as to get a little Shih Tzu from the RSCPA can be rare.

Although, they do have all types of different breeds there to offer. However, before all of this can happen the RSPCA, send someone to come and visit your house to make sure it will be the right environment for a dog and if they deem you capable to look after one. After all that is done it was about a week until little Bonnie joined the family. She fit in straight away and we all just fell in love with her! We had the opportunity to get Bonnie a bit quicker than usual as we had already had a dog 14 years ago from the same home.

We take Bonnie back to the home to see everyone, while we pick up some healthy treats for her from the Woodside Pet Store. This means that all the money that is spent there goes back into the home, which is lovely, so we alway’s try and support them.

So if you are looking for a loving dog that needs some love, go to the RSPCA, as they have so many lovely animals there!

Phoebe Clare x





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