Pink to make them wink.

This is a post as to why I chose to dye my hair pink… Some of you may think oh god what has she done, but I have alway’s wanted to give pink hair a try. So I thought what better way than to do that when I am in Ibiza. I feel like you can get away with any hair colour here.

img_8824.jpgI am not 100% sure that I had the balls to go all out and dye my hair pink, so I went to my hairdressers and got them to put a toner on it. So I had it dyed blonde and then a pink toner put on afterwards. Normally, when the toner is put on your hair is wet, but we decided to put it on when my hair was dry so that the colour lasted longer. Trust me it has lasted ages!!

IMG_8823.JPGWhen I first had it done it was a lot darker and I was very unsure, but I got used to it eventually. Everyone said that they loved it which made me feel more confident about having it. Overtime, it became lighter and lighter which is what I wanted, to more of a pastel pink. The nice thing about having pink hair is you can match your eyeshadow colours to your hair and everything else just falls into place.

If you fancy going pink I would definitely suggest a toner first, because if you don’t like it it will wash out! Also, if you are nervous to change your hair colour! If I can do it you definitely can… Why not just got for it?!

I thought I would just share a post about this as I am slightly depressed that my pink is washing out! Maybe Lilac next? Who knows…

Thanks for reading,

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 21.14.00


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