Changing my Instagram Theme: VSCO

For a bit now I have been looking at my Instagram and not being happy with the way that it looks. I just think it was starting to look a little random… So, I have been searching online of different filters that are popular and what apps people are using to edit their photos.

There are so many bloggers on Instagram, that when I look at their feed it just makes me sad, because it all just fits together so nicely with the theme and their photos.

When I came across VSCO it was so easy to use. Although, you have to pay for some of the filters and features that are locked, I managed to create a filter which I am happy with just from the free features. Thank god…

When I was editing my photos I wanted to go for a more Blush kind of look, so it was more gentle and summery. I am really happy with how the photos came out with this edit I made.

This is just a little look into what I want my feed to look like when I have the chance to post them all (because obviously I don’t want to spam)…

Let me know what  you think about the potential feed I am going to have and if you like the theme. I definitely recommend VSCO to help you get the perfect theme for your Instagram or just a photo edit in general.

Thanks for reading,

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.31.16


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