5 goals for this month.

I have had quite a lot of spare time recently, in which I feel I haven’t been using to it’s full advantage, I have just been chilling and sitting having Netflix marathons… Although, this may seem the perfect relaxed life I definitely have found the motivation to make the most of my days and have come up with some goals to makes sure I do this.

1. EXERCISE AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK (Get that Ibiza body)

2. GROW MY NAILS (Stop biting them).




All of these goals for me are achievable, and are things that will make sure I enjoy my days and make use of them. Exercising was something that I was mad about last year but this year I have flooked a bit and can’t seem to get myself to the gym as often, but I am really motivated to start and get this Ibiza body that I want. Also, to drink plenty of water which is something I forget to do when I have jam packed days, I think most of us are guilty of this sometimes.

Growing my nails has always been a big one for me as I have tried a couple times but acrylics always slip back into my monthly routine but I am really going to try and save my real nails, and look after them.

A skincare routine is not something I have ever worried about massively, but I would love to get a really good one in place so that before I go to bed my face feels lush and cleansed. I will make sure this month that I just look after myself a bit more and focus on what I want to do, rather than just pleasing others all the time.

Writing my blog posts is something that I love to do so I will focus on it a bit more and make my content more regular and interesting to read. I would love to increase the traffic on my blog, and this is one of the big aims for this month in promoting myself and my writing.

Ultimately, to just be happier.

This was a super quick one this month, but I thought I would share this with you, to get your opinion on my goals for this month and I would love to hear yours also.

Thanks for reading,

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11 thoughts on “5 goals for this month.

  1. My goal is to post every morning…since I began 6years ago, I have posted more than 1,800 times…are they all “Award winning?” No, but it’s consistency that helps grow a following, so quantity in this case works as well as quality!

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  2. those are good goals and doable. With the nicer weather my plan is to walk more so will use that to incorporate into exercise routine. Would you consider doing some challenges for some posts like Stream of Consciousness Saturday or coffee weekend? Works for me to get me posting.

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