A few of my FAVE Café/Restaurants to visit

Hey! This post is going to focus on a few recent places that I have visited or that regularly go to. As I aspire to have my own café myself with my friend Liv I visit them often, just to get some ideas and tips!

1. The Cosy Club (Coventry)


This is somewhere you can alway’s find me on a week day when I need some time to chill or get assignments done for uni. As I study at Coventry University this is the perfect place. Also, I work for the company so I get discount so why not ;).

They have a fabulous menu and a nice chilled sofa area for you to just sit have a cuppa and relax. I love their tapas as they have so many choices, there is definitely something there for every appetite. Highly recommend!

2. Melt (Brokenhurst, New Forest)


I found this cute lil café when I visited Brokenhurst for my Nan and Grandad’s 80th Birthday. Me and my cousin visited here as we needed a little coffee stop in the afternoon. I had a soya chai latte and Charl had a flat white with a brownie! The brownie was HEAVEN….. it was all gooey in the centre! Which I think is what we all look for in a brownie 😉

I loved how they made their tables and decor perfect for a photo! With a delicious coffee to match. Also the staff were lovely and the atmosphere was perfect to relax and sit in your own little world.

3. Thyme (Market Bosworth)

IMG_0150The third place is Thyme, which me and my friend Liv found as we love visiting little cafe’s and just any reason to eat a slice of cake really… It was ver small, but had a nice little space in the back for people to hold little events. The selections of cakes were amazing, and it your typical little village chill out point.

I also, love the decor in here and the interior it definitely gave me some tips for me and Liv’s cafe!

4. Steaming Billy’s (The White Bear)



I visited here the other day for some lunch with my friends and it was lovely. Perfect for if you want some unhealthy but delicious food! I had some ‘dutty fries’ which pretty much was what it said in the name! I also, enjoyed a refreshing Rose Lemonade which was lovely, with a Rhubarb gin to follow.

Nice little place if you want a good lunch stop to have catch up with friends and a nice atmosphere for everyone.

This was just a short post to share with you some nice places that you might want to visit! If you try any of these places out let me know and tell me what you thought of them!

Thanks for reading,

Phoebe xo



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