If you are an enthusiastic blogger then The Bloomin Brilliant Bloggers is the group for you! Any help that you need or support this is a group that you can ask questions, promote your posts and support each other in growing the blogging world and making ourselves well heard.

I have only recently started the group as I wanted to get as many bloggers together as possible to get a bigger audience and help each other to brainstorm some ideas!

Some tips about the group:
– All posts are positive and helpful to everyone
– Share your blog posts, Instagrams and Twitter
– Use the group to grow your social media accounts (Insta and Twitter etc)
– Share your photography skills
– Comment on each others posts
– Get creative and interact with each other and help celebrate other peoples blogs.
– Any questions you have please feel free to post on the page.
– Ultimately, SHARE THE LOVE for each others blogs!!!!

I will also be hosting monthly awards on there, and there is something for everyone. The Group is a closed group so it is a NO judgement zone!!!! If you would like to join I have left the link below or just comment your Facebook URL and I will add you myself.

I hope to see you over there soon!

Phoebe xo



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