London Girls Trip: “Why Crunch When You Can Brunch?”

London Girls Trip: “Why Crunch When You Can Brunch?”

‘Instagram Worthy’ Places You Must Visit on a London Get Away

Little London trip with my two favourite people Chloe and Liv. We had the fab idea one day we would organise to stay in London overnight, and enjoy two long days there looking round the main sites. Whilst obviously making sure we visiting little food places that we deemed ‘Instagram’ worthy!

Daisy Green


One of our first stops was ‘Daisy Green’. Isn’t it just the cutest little place! When we arrived in London it wasn’t long until the bellies were calling again. We had already decided Daisy Green was going to be our first stop, as it was a prime opportunity for a good food photo. When you first walk in it looks very small, until we realised there was steps to the downstairs, which is just like walking into a flowery heaven. The menu is jam packed with all lovely kinds of things which you can have a better look at by clicking on the link:- Daisy Green

After 20 minutes of making a decision which seemed like life or death; we finally chose the brunch dish we fancied. I chose to have The Bondi, which consists of, poached free range eggs, back bacon, sausage, mushrooms, house made chilli pesto 13.2 & avocado on charcoal bread. If that doesn’t sound like perfection I don’t know what does. It sure went down rather well!

Untitled design (3)

So if you fancy a cute little blossom basement to have your brunch in and a nice hot chocolate then Daisy Green is the place for you! I will DEFO be returning when I’m next in London.

Address:- 20 Seymour St, Marylebone, London W1H 7HX

Next Stop: The ‘Touristy’ Bits

Covent Garden, Neil’s Yard and Camden Lock

When going to London it’s not just about filling your stomaches I’m afraid… We also visited some places that looked good after weeks of searching. After realising Covent Garden wasn’t actually a garden I have to say I was slightly disappointed. Nevertheless, all three of us attempted to look like we could afford at least one thing in the posh shops! Untitled design (4)

Neil’s Yard was the cutest little place that is quite tucked away, down a tight alley way and then opens up into this little brightly coloured yard. It was such a nice atmosphere there, but because all of the little cafes were all packed with people we had to make a move and find somewhere else. I would recommend going to these places if you fancy a wander and a cup of tea and cake.

We had a wander round all the nice shops, soon realising why there were no labels with prices on any of the items… that was our cue to maybe find somewhere maybe a bit more in budget.

Camden Lock is such a buzzing place with such a busy atmosphere so if you don’t like busy places I wouldn’t recommend it to you! img_7503.jpg

This is the best place to try different cultured foods and to get stuck in! However, me being me and thinking with my belly rather than my eyes went for some Chinese noodles. Typically something I could eat at home. Although they were delicious. It is a place full of cute little shops that you don’t just see on your average high street, so it is definitely worth a visit.

After having dinner that evening it was soon time for Liv to travel back home as she had her driving test in the morning. Me and Chloe then went back to the Air bnb for a good nights sleep!

Accommodation – The accommodation that I found on AirBnb was brilliant, all together it cost us all £25 each for the night and was a quick tube from the centre in Zone 2 in Bermondsey. It was clean and did the job for the night.

Day Number Two

Consists of Me and Chloe stuffing ourselves!


When we woke up in the morning it was a nice bright sunny day in London. Which alway’s sets you up in a good mood! First thought was what was for breakfast and where! Chloe is a pro at finding delicious places to eat so I left it to her genius…


Megan’s is a cafe in Chelsea and was yet another good shout, and does a fabulous breakfast that you all need to try! Brunch or Breakfast this the place to go! Evidently from the photo below Me and Chlo did not shy from going all in with the breakfast order. Untitled design (5).png

Chloe has the Veggie Breakfast and I had the Standard one. The little red pots on the plates were filled with Shashouka a recipe that we soon came to love. It is hard to explain what it is as I have no idea. All I know is that Megan’s make a brilliant one!

The Cafe is decorated with these little fairy lights shown in my photo all the way around the garden with mirrors, plant pots, and lots of other things on the walls, that gave it this comfortable and welcoming feeling. Unfortunately, Liv couldn’t be there to enjoy Megan’s with us but Me and Chloe’s stomachs definitely compensated for her absence #truefriends.

After seeing the play Annie which we only paid £20 for the tickets each on the day we were soon…IMG_7535.JPG

Eating again…

Clearly eating was on the key activities for us. But why not ay?… Do you want somewhere where you can “Jerk it Out’? – Miss Chloe Hood. Then the Rum Kitchen is the perfect place. Untitled design (6).png

The burgers will blow your head off and the place is so smokey you definitely get a taste of Jamaica in there! It is very authentic and always very busy, so ideally you need to book. Filled with happy and booming music the atmosphere was brilliant and definitely got you in the mood for some cocktails! Oh and how can I forget ‘Little Queeny’ there just chillin on the drinks menu. That just made the place! So if you fancy a Jamaican punch to tickle your taste buds DEFO give The Rum Kitchen a try!

I hope this post shows to you just the fab amount of places you can visit in just two days! We also managed to fit some shopping in between all of the eating as well. A super indulgent mini break but worth every calorie.

Although it wouldn’t have been the same without these two little rockets! So thanks to Chloe and Liv.

Hope you enjoy reading this post! Let me know what you think and if you fancy going to any of the places that I’ve mentioned.

Apart from that I hope you have a FAB weekend!

Phoebe 🙂



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