Egg Pod Toilets… wait what?

I mean if you are going to find a cool and quirky place to visit it is going to be in London! Sketch has the most amazing toilets that make you feel like you are in a different world.

You may have seen these toilets posted all over Instagram, I certainly did and that is why I gave it a visit.

When you walk in there is a staircase that goes up both sides, but the first thing you see if a bar in the middle of the toilets, sounds crazy but it’s true.

I mean having a bar in the middle doesn’t sound the most hygienic but trust me when you are in there it really doesn’t matter, haha.

When you go into the actual egg pods obviously there is a toilet inside, but they have birds tweeting, not sure why I guess it is just for the added effect!

There were so many people in there taking photos so trust me we weren’t the only sad ones in there…

Me and Liv spent a good 20 minutes in here just taking photos, and yes I have just fully written a blog post dedicated to toilets, but trust me they are worth a visit!

This is at a place called Sketch in London!

I hope you enjoyed reading the post,

Phoebe Clare x


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