Farm Girl Brunch in Chelsea


So after my recent day trip to London, I have got plenty posts coming soon about everything that we did that day. This one being one of them. We had the most amazing brunch at Farm Girl in Chelsea and I just had to share it with you.

After we had arrived at Euston Station, the first thing on the list of things to do was have brunch at Farm Girl, as me and my friend Liv had been dying to go there for so long.

Unfortunately, it is one of them places that you cannot book for lunch/brunch it is on a walk in basis only, meaning that it was by chance that we were able to get a seat. However, you can book for dinner which is a bonus.

When we sat down we managed to get a table under the sky lights which was lovely as it made it even brighter and more like we were sitting outside, with it being really nice weather that day.

Naturally, the first thing to do was to take 100 photos with a coffee. I feel like this is just standard now as we saw a few other girls doing the same thing, thank god because it meant we didn’t feel as embarrassed.

After we had spent a good 10 minutes just taking in the surroudings we took a look at the menu which took us even longer to decide what to have. First was the drinks and whether we wanted hot or cold or BOTH…

In the end we both went for a hot one each. I had the ‘Liquid Gold Latte’ which was £3.90 and described as “turmeric, astragalus, ginger root ground nutmeg, honey & lime”. It was so delicious and tasted a little bit like a Chai Latte, and to top it off it had a French Bulldog on the front. I mean what isn’t to love.

Liv went for the ‘Latte Black’ which was £4.00 and described as “activated charcoal, date syrup & cashew milk” and it was more creamier than mine, but still delicious.

Then it was time was the amazing food, I have to say the pink plates made it, not that I am easily pleased.

I went for….

Patch Eggs (£10,50)

Described as “wilted rainbow chard & leeks on sourdough bread with poached eggs, pink goats cheese and za’atar”.

As soon as I saw that there was pink goats cheese I was won over straight away, haha. It was so nice and the flavours went really well together, it also wansn’t too filling to the point that you felt too bloated it was a nice full feeling.

The plate at the top of the image is what Liv had…

Jack Tacos (£13,00)

Described as “jackfruit, housemade BBQ sauce, guacamole, egg free mayo & pineapple on soft blue corn tortillas”. It was really different to see tacos with jackfruit rather than the meat, but it was really nice to try a change, and it made it suitable for vegans.

These are two dishes that I would definitely recommend if you visit there as they were so tasty. I would struggle to not have this next time that I visit. I have linked below to the menu so you can have a look for yourself at the other amazing food and drinks that they do.

If you have any other suggestions of places that I should visit them please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading,

Phoebe Clare x


Sharing a little bit of my life in each post, I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts.

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  1. May 17, 2019 / 10:38 pm

    This place looks amazing!
    I so want to try it!

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