How to spend your Valentines Day

So it has come to that time of year again when we either love the day or hate the day. It is one of those relationships haha… although, slightly different for me this year as it is the first year that I actually have someone to spend it with!

If you feel you need to treat yourself or someone you love, I have just put together some ideas of how you could spend your valentines. Some of the ones I found are really cool.

Even if you are not spending the day with a boyfriend or girlfriend I think it is still important to spend it with the ones you love, so why not invite some girls round and maybe do some of these suggestions. I picked them out as I thought they were the best ones.

– Pizza from me to me

I just thought this was a cute idea and different if you fancy treating yourself on the day or any day for that matter.

Photo by : – Happy Go Lucky Blog

– Make some cute cupcakes

I think these are a really good idea, just to have a go at baking and also they look really pretty, imagine these with a cup of tea and chick flick, perfect!

Photo by HobbyCraft: –

– Create cute little gift bags

Why not treat your friends to a little something or family and show them that you love them. I gave my friends a little something this year to show my appreciation, if I had seen this idea sooner I would have made these! Check out the blog below to see how they were made.

Photo By:- Faking It Fabulous

– Go out somewhere for a nice meal with your partner or friends

Sometimes meals are underrated, yes they are done by everyone and it is the thing that everyone does on valentines but I think if you book somewhere nice in advance then it can be lovely. Especially when you can have a few cocktails also.

– Staying in Movie Night (Netflix)

I actually do not think you can get any better than a stay in movie night just to chill and eat the things that you love. Maybe buy a nice dinner from Marks and Sparks and get the candles out. It doesn’t really take much effort to make a room romantic and comfortable. Get your Pj’s on and the popcorn out and you are all sorted.


I hope these help you out, although some of them may be obvious things to do, sometimes I think it is nice to be reminded of the endless possibilities that can you do on Valentines, especially if you are not celebrating with anyone in particular.

I hope you all have a lovely day, and enjoy it to the full!

Thanks for reading,

Phoebe Clare x


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