University: is it worth it?

If you are like me and are in your last year of your degree, you will know that you just don’t have time for life in general. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even have time for a cuppa, and that is massive!

Uni can put the pressure on thick at any point, and sometimes you underestimate what you are actually signing up for, and the amount of work that has to be completed. Everyone say’s “it will all be worth it in the end”… yes, yes I am sure it will be, but for now just let me have my break down, haha!

Don’t get my wrong the thought of having a degree is an accomplishment. However, the amount we have to pay back for the amount of time and support we actually get, for me it just hasn’t proven worth the price. We all know that we can’t be spoon fed in higher education and that is fine, but the odd bit of guidance here and there wouldn’t go a miss.

I think the main thing I have got from uni will be a degree, obviously… and a lot of knowledge about Business and Marketing. Although, the main thing, is having the excuse to sit in Starbucks the majority of the week drinking coffee I can’t afford and looking a little more intelligent to the people around me, haha. You know you need to get a grip when you are on a first name basis with the people in Starbucks.

Personally, I think the stress that uni can put on people makes it not worth it, especially for the worriers. It is diffuclt to see the point when you have so many deadlines and so little time. Like right now for example, I should really be writing up my Literature Review, but here I am…

If you want some proper motivation to get you positive for your final year, just listen to my lectuer who said in a recent lecture “I don’t even think I could pass my exam that you are doing”… if there was a way to deflate me completely and make me want to stay in bed this was it.

I know I am going on and on, and yes this could be considered a slight rant, but hopefully this has made you think uni is really worth it! Lol!

Honestly though, if you are good at handling stress, then go in all guns blazing and you will smash it! I am just wishing there is still a little hope for me! #PrayForPhoebe!

Thanks for reading,

Phoebe Clare x





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  1. December 5, 2018 / 11:52 pm

    Totally worth it, because years from now you will be glad you did it…the closer you get to the end of your study, and the money that goes along with it, makes it frustrating and worth questioning, but you will be glad you did it…and the best part – you never have to do it again, but it will pay you back in the years ahead!

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