Have our Phones ruined us?

Have our Phones ruined us?

“Has the increase of social media and the ability to chat and connect so easily, ruined how we are when we are with the people we care about?… Also, why do we thrive to update people on what we do on a daily basis, when they really don’t care?”

On Sunday 2 weeks ago I was in Nandos, sitting on a table next to another couple. Throughout the whole of their meal they were sitting on their phones not even talking, this happens a lot and I see it all the time. Especially when working in a restaurant. Don’t get me wrong I am not writing this post to be judgemental, as I am guilty of being on my phone far too much!

I am a lover of social media and I go on it everyday! I actually can’t remember a time when I went to bed and didn’t check my phone right before I went to sleep and the minute I woke up. Until recently I have decided to read a book before I go to sleep instead of burning my eyes looking at a screen haha.

Half the time I find myself scrolling through Instagram just staring at the screen. I don’t necessarily care about what I am seeing I just do it for the sake of it.

Nowadays, I feel like if we aren’t connected on social media every minute of the day, we feel we are missing out, we have become succumbed to FOMO! As I study Marketing, for me social media is even harder to get away from as it is something I have to analyse and look into.

Since the new update on the iPhone has been released we probably had no idea about how much time we spent on our phones daily, let alone weekly. On average I spend about 21 hours on my phone per week, that is nearly a WHOLE bloomin day… I was mind blown when I saw it, and today alone I picked up my phone 148 times and that was by 8pm!!! It just made me think that I need to stop going on my phone so much and get a grip haha. I did have a life before this phone we just fail to remember it.

Not long ago, I had one day where I turned my phone on do not disturb, and just did things that I wanted to (stayed in bed mostly), I didn’t really use my phone and I am not going to lie it did feel weird. I felt like I had missed a lot! However, it was a breath of fresh air to just turn your phone off and have a break, chill out, and stop worrying about updating your story.

Let me know your views on this?

Phoebe Clare x 


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  1. October 16, 2018 / 3:35 pm

    Great post…there are signs around LA now showing a figure looking down at a device, oblivious to th surroundings, and that’s literally everywhere you go: people looking down at their device, oblivious…and I saw the same thing as well at a restaurant: a couple on devices, never said a word to each other…I agree that it’s time to put them down, look up and engage!

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