Pro-caffeinating In Cute Cafes

Shock I am in another cafe…

I am sure that you will not be surprised to see me sitting in yet another cafe haha. Me and my friend Liv bloomin love finding new little cafes that we can visit. Sometimes it is quite difficult where we live to find places like this, I think Instagram has definitely become my source for places to visit. For me I love going to different cafes and seeing what Latte art they can do because most of the time they aren’t that amazing but this Latte was lush.

We decided to go for the Banoffee slice, and the Salted Caramel Pecan cake, which were both delicious, however the Banana was the better slice. Also, all of the stuff there was reasonably priced and was worth it.

I had a Latte and Liv went for the tea which was soooo cool! It came with a pot of tea, a cup with smarties around it, a little jar of milk and a sand timer for when the tea was brewed enough. One of those moments when your mind was blown a little bit, because it was so simple but so clever at the same time, and it was only £2. But then again it doesn’t take much to impress me and Liv we are easily pleased when it comes to food and drink.

It was just such a cute little place and quite cosy as well, so perfect if you are having a catch up or going there to do some work on your laptop, if it was closer to where I lived I would be in there all the time.

They also had deals and food for the evening time as well, as they also had a bar. I rated the fact that they did pizza as well, the menu all round sounded lovely.

Are you ready for the coolest part of the cafe?

So when you walk in, there is a SMEG fridge on your right (in the image above) which is a door that opens and leads downstairs to their bar, which is where they have open for the evenings. I thought it was just so clever, and made the place so quirky.

When we went downstairs in to the bar to have quick look around they had a door open that led into the garden which was nice as the weather was sunny, you can imagine it to be lovely in the evening also with the fairy lights.

The whole place was just full of so many amazing ideas, I would love to have a cafe of my own like this some day! Me and Liv have alway’s spoken about wanting a cafe that people loved.

After we I had milked the cafe photos a little bit more and we had eaten all our cake we thought we would have a little stroll and have a wander around the park. We then headed to The Antisocial, which has just recently been renovated. It is quite a weird place at first, but we just had to have a photo in there!

In the back it would like a cartoon theme, with drawings on the wall. This place is a cafe in the day at the front and then more of a bar/social place in the evening. It is good as it works for going in for a casual coffee or dressing up and looking a bit more glam in the evening.

Obviously, I had to have a photo near the green wall, we decided because it was midday, it would be slightly more acceptable to have a glass of rose. It is nice to be in here when it is a bit busy, so it doesn’t feel so spacious.

Me and Liv cannot have a day out and not visit the little shops. This shop was called “Thrills of the Emporium” it was a homeware shop, with all the stuff that you wouldn’t just find in your everyday shop. They had so many cool neon lights that if I had my own house I would love!

The way that the shop has been put together was just so cool! I loved being in there haha!

This was such a lovely day out and if you are visiting Leamington Spa, you need to go to all of these places! I highly recommend them!

If you have any other recommendations on cafes in the Midlands then please let me know!

Thanks for reading,

Phoebe Clare x 


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