Exploring Amsterdam

Exploring Amsterdam

Grab a cuppa and chill, because this post is going to be full of different things to experience and do in Amsterdam. Me and Harry did so much when we were there, we walked everywhere just to make sure we saw everything. So I am very happy to be tucked up in bed when writing this. My feet are ruined haha.

So after a long day waiting for the flight, that was 2 hours late… we FINALLY made it to Amsterdam. Then after a lot of stressing (on my part) we got the train tickets which were going to take us from the airport to ‘Amsterdam Centraal Station’. We then searched on Google Maps (life saver) where we had to go to get to our hotel. The hotel was perfect, and clean which is the main thing we were pleasantly surprised with the room as it was quite big and the beds were comfy.


After arriving at the hotel and chucking our bags in the room, obviously food was the only thing on our minds haha. So we headed to a street not far from the hotel, as it looked busy so we thought why not?… We had some pizza and then thought it would be best to find some form of pudding.

We came across this little bakery that did an amazing selection of cakes which were quite pricey, but looked as if they were worth it. We decided to go for Churros, I had milk chocolate and Harry had Nutella. I regret not having the same to be honest… they were honestly still lovely though, and you need to have churros at some point when you are there.


These were the other cakes and macaroons they were selling there, it all looked so good it was very difficult to decide.



After enjoying some Churros, we thought we would have a little wonder to get familiar with the area. To which we then stumbled across the Red Light District. If you haven’t been on these streets, it is something else… like nothing I had ever experienced before haha. I don’t think you can quite understand it until you have been there.


Anyway, swiftly moving on… 

On the next day we woke up at around 8 o’clock to make sure that we didn’t waste any of the day! We had a small window of sunshine on the first full day, so we took this opportunity to get some photos of the area and the iconic photo that everyone has on the canal.


We did take many photos, I counted them on the plane home and I had taken 550 photos… oooops! Seeing all the canal boats and the bikes were amazing, I couldn’t believe how many there were and how many cyclists there were. Nearly got ran over multiple times.


The great thing about Amsterdam as a city is that you can take a photo at any angle and it will be a lovely photo.


Trust me this was the only sunny part of that day, the rest was torrential rain.


So just before the rain began we went to Ree7, which when I saw in real life I had remembered seeing it on my Instagram, and thinking it looked amazing. If you are looking for inspiration on places to visit Instagram is the place to go for all your cute little cafes.

At Ree7, we had a brunch, for some reason I couldn’t stop ordering avocado, as it was just too yummy. Harry went for Eggs Benedict for the second time of the trip haha, although it wasn’t quite the same as the bacon back at home as it was just ham, but was still just as good.


This little cafe was definitely Instagram ready… hence all the photos haha.


It was just so cute, so if you want a proper city cafe, then this is one for you to visit. Thankfully, Harry didn’t mind going to the cute cafes as long as there was food he was happy.



We spent quite a lot of our time in Amsterdam just wondering the streets, looking round at all the sights and the buildings. The best part was just coming across a lot of different streets and shops that we wanted to go into, we never really had a plan we just went with it.


On every canal it had the name of it on the bridge which I thought was quite cool.


A lot of our time was spent walking along the canals but it was lovely. I think next time that I visit Amsterdam I would definitely, go on a Canal boat trip just to see even more of the sights from a different view.


We came across a little shop called ‘It’s a Present’ which was fab and full of little bits and bobs, that you don’t really need but kind of want, also if you wanted to treat someone it is lovely.

A’Dams Lookout was the next stop, we saw a window of sun and thought it would be the best time to trek to the lookout so the weather didn’t look too bad when we were up there.


We bought our tickets when we got there and it was around £20 per person. A lift takes you right up to the top of the building, and then there was a sky bar where we had a drink. We had to wait an hour for our time slot for the lookout swing, which was alright because it was nice to chill out and see Amsterdam from high up. Safe to say it is a little scary.


I loved the photos that we got at the lookout they were free with the ticket price also.

After that we did a bit more wondering around. We knew we wanted to go to the Van Wonderen Stroopwafels, this was a place that my friend Chloe pointed out to me so I had to try it. It definitely lived up to expectation.


The smell was amazing and they made them all fresh in the window.


The variety of toppings were amazing! They had smarties, marshmellows, fudge, nuts, biscuit… and many more.


This white chocolate waffle was definitely the best though!!!


To finish the first full day, we just needed a little bit of dinner, and we went to steakhouse that was really busy. So we thought it must be good. We had the marinated ribs, and they were worth the money I think it was around £25 for these two. Which was reasonable as they were very tasty. However, we had to pay for the chips separately which was quite annoying haha.



I hope you enjoyed reading, Part I to my Amsterdam trip. I enjoyed writing this so much although it has made me a little depressed that I am not there still. Keep your eyes peeled for Part II.

Thanks for reading,

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Sharing a little bit of my life in each post, I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts.

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