Why Love Island has taken over our lives… let’s chat!

Why Love Island has taken over our lives… let’s chat!

I struggle to meet anyone who hasn’t witnessed Love Island and all it’s drama. As we are getting closer and closer to the end of the season, I am feeling the withdrawals already. When it stops I don’t think I can comprehend what I did with my life before the series started… haha. Sad but true!

This year part of me feels like the casting could have been a little better, by the fact that no one has yet been old enough for poor Laura apart from Paul who has come in within the last two weeks, so I have my fingers crossed for this one to work out for her.

Do you think that if Georgia says she is ‘I’m loyal’ or ‘I’m real boo’ for the 184363462 time that people will start believing it? The only person that Georgia is trying to convince is herself… bless her.

Although, Meghan has had a lot of backlash for her choices in the villa I do feel awful for her that she has had so many horrible comments about her appearance, and she doesn’t even know anything said about her as she is in the villa…. but I defo think she made some bad choices in the villa, but that said why else would we watch it if she hadn’t?… Live For The Drama!

Also, I did see talk about the consideration of Jack and Dani having their own ‘coming out the villa’ show. I actually think that would be so good and entertaining to see how they are in the real world together, so much better than Chris and Olivia’s that was just them arguing the whole time?…haha so weird. Jack and Dani for me are the couple that are alway’s saved and they have a strong chance of winning, but if they didn’t win I can’t think of any other couple that I would want to?…

Another, thing that I find strange is Alex and Alexandra, I understand that they are both lovely, but I just don’t see the spark. Alex definitely changed his tune when the two new girls came in, which did surprise me from him but then again maybe he is trying to fit in with the ‘lads’ but does he really have the option to be picky that is the real question?…

I saw on Snapchat the other day that Meghan and Alexandra already knew each other before entering the villa, which I find strange because there have been no scenes of them talking on the show?… So this leads me to thinking how the producers actually cast the show, and why there are so many connections over the huge amount of applications that they receive for the show. CRAZZYYY!!!

Every conversation I have with people the word ‘Love Island’ slips in there pretty much every time, I just can’t help myself. Although, I love it so much, do you think it is scripted I still can’t decide, because none of these people are actors, and I find it hard to believe that it is… but I have spoke to people who disagree. Let me know what you think about that in the comments!

Thanks for reading, this post was just a few of my thoughts about the series so far… let me know your opinions and how you are finding this season compared to others, I would love to chat about it,

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