Why every Blogger needs a Media Kit

Why every Blogger needs a Media Kit

So recently I have come across a lot of other Bloggers having a Media Kit, which I think is a fab idea. It then led me to wanting to create my own, which did not actually take up that much of my time.

A Media Kit if you do not know already, is just where a business or anyone who is looking for a collaboration can read a bit more about you, and see if you write about the right content for them, also see your stats and following. It is the opportunity for you to represent your blog, kind of the same aspect of a bio and what that portrays. It is like a little resume for your blog that can be edited as you go along.

Although, my following is not that large at the minute I am hoping to grow it sounds cliche but I guess become ‘known’ in the blogging world.

How a Media Kit can help you?

  • Introduce yourself effectively
  • Portrays your specialities
  • Demonstrate your following and engagement
  • Show off your personality and about you
  • Why companies should work with you?

How I designed mine?

I stand by this FREE online design site called Canva. This is a fab way of getting the best out your designs and it is super easy. They have so many templates for you to choose from and this give you the basis to start and you can then develop and work around.

Below is what the website looks like and just a few of the types of templates they do:-
Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 15.36.31.png

What to include:- 

Logo or Header:- Just a little bit of creativity and to showcase your brand.

Your Name and a Short Bio:- Explain a bit about you personally what you are about and what your aspirations are in the blogging world.

Social Media Links: These are key for if potential business opportunities want to look further into what you can offer as a brand and whether they want to work with you.

Contact Information:- I included this at the bottom of my first page just my email address and my blog web address.

Collaboration Information:- Write some bullet points of what you would want to do with businesses, such as Reviews, Sponsored Posts, or Social Media Promotions. This gives them a little insight of what you are open too and if they would be interested.

Statistics:- Show the level of engagement you receive from your blog and your other social media. They can then see if you have enough views on your posts and interest with your content.

Specialities:- sell your attributes and what you are good at. I included things like photography, creative, marketing etc.

Testimonials:- If you have done work with people previously and they have given you a recommendation they include this in this section as this showcases that you have worked with others previously and what they thought of you.

Include images into your Media Kit as this makes it look more eye-catching, and doesn’t look boring when it is being read.

Just make sure when making your Media Kit it is clean and looks professional and portrays you and your attributes in the best way possible. Make it clear that you are open to opportunity and for them to reach out to you if they are interested.

I think everyone should consider doing a Media Kit and I hope this post helps you with a few ideas in order for you to get started! Thanks for reading,

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 23.21.40


Sharing a little bit of my life in each post, I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts.

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