10 Things That Always Put Me In a Good Mood.

10 Things That Always Put Me In a Good Mood.

I think we can all agree it has got to the time of year where it is getting cold outside and the weather may be bringing our mood down a little bit, so I’ve been thinking of some ways I use to always make me feel more upbeat.

Hopefully some of these ways will help you in the winter months to come…

No1: A Nice Cup of Tea/Breakfast


A cup of tea is crucial for starting my day! It gets me going and ready for anything I am doing that day. I think a nice warm brew can solve anything. You can just chill in your PJ’s having some downtime with a cup of tea warming your hands up. Obviously, I only have one and a half sugars. This is my strong attempt to be health-IER. Starting the day with a good meal, is a fab way of getting yourself going, although I am still trying to perfect this and wake in time to makes some.

No2: A Harry Potter Binge Fest!!!

I am pretty sure I am word perfect on all of the HP films. I think because I love them so much I have them on in the background either when I’m doing Uni work or when I am ill, you will always find me watching the series. Plus it requires little brain power to understand, which is a massive bonus for me!

No3: Having a Nice Bath and Detox


What relaxes you more than a nice warm cosy bath?… Putting the taps on for a bath after a long day is just perfect. I always prop my laptop on the side of the sink so I can watch a film whilst I’m chilling in the bath. If that means getting out your last Lush bath bomb then so be it. Although, try not to overheat yourself, like I do on many occasions. This is the best way to just wind down and chill out for the day ahead. I tend to do this on a Friday evening and get myself ready and fresh for the weekend.

No4: Doing a Good Workout at the Gym


Releasing some endorphins will always boost your mood. FACT. When I go the gym depending on how I am feeling that day I wont always go for hours as I think that is too long for my attention span. So sometimes, I even just go for half an hour and do a hit workout. Sweat away that stress. Also, when you start to see gradual changes in yourself it always makes me feel better and boosts my confidence.

No5: Buying a NEW Lipstick/Makeup Therapy


Would you be a classic white girl if you didn’t treat yourself to the odd lipstick weekly once in a while?… Picking a lipstick is just the perfect therapy. I like to collect them as sad as that may seem, I think having a lipstick to suit every outfit just completes the look. I mostly have the mac lipsticks but I do have some from Nars, Charlotte Tilbury and YSL. A bit of makeup can solve all your problems, I love finding new brands and reading reviews on them although, I should probably stop buying them on the upcoming of Christmas. Ooooops!

No6: Spending Time with Friends and Family


This is one of the most important to me! I alway’s think just relaxing with family or having a catch up with friends can just take you from all your problems about work for example. It always takes my mind off assignments I have or deadlines. This is the one to make the most of an make sure that it is prioritised. I made Me, Liv and Chloe a little afternoon tea for us to chill out and catch up. It’s things like this that I love to just spend time getting up to date with mates.

No7: Seeing my Dog After A Long Day


If you have a dog like me, I think you will understand me when I say there is nothing quite like the welcome you get from your little mate when you walk through the door. Bonnie always greets me with a mad jump and happy smile. I always look forward to seeing her little face when I come home from University. Dogs are the perfect therapy just to help you to chill out and think about nothing for a bit. She is alway’s that impressed to see me I promise.

No8: Thinking Positive 


This seems simple but works! I struggle to think positive when I am stressed or under-pressure with University work. However, usually I find that if you think positive you will achieve what you set out to. Positive thoughts will make you happier and each day just flow a little better.

No9: Getting my Work Done – Reducing the panic


This is a big one for me! It is such a great feeling when you finally complete that essay you have been avoiding and attempting to procrastinate it away. For me I always like to start an assignment as soon as I get it, so that I am well prepared and have a good amount of time in which to get it done well. This helps me with stress and just to chill out a bit more.

No10: Do Nothing.

Taking some time to just chill and do nothing, think about nothing, is crucial and something that we don’t do enough of. I alway’s feel like when I get sit down and just chill I alway’s feel like I am wasting time which I’m not. So for me this is something I need to do more of and understand that I don’t have to be living life at 100 miles an hour all the time. After doing nothing, you will feel more relaxed and in a better mood.

I hope this post gave you some ideas of how to boost your mood and feel more relaxed.

Let me know how you like to have wind down time and if you love a warm brew like me. Thanks for reading 🙂

Phoebe xo




Sharing a little bit of my life in each post, I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing your thoughts.


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  1. November 15, 2017 / 4:32 am

    Cups of tea and my dogs can make my day any day! 🙂

  2. Karishma
    March 14, 2018 / 2:29 am

    Oh… I sure can relate to these… but for me, the hot water shower helps the most 🙂

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